Saturday, September 28, 2013

TISHREI 24, 28 September 2013: SABBATH TORAH STUDY

First, I apologize for being absent for so long. Taking on the 40 days of Repentance was a hefty challenge. I hope to be more consistent with posting at least three times a week. Please refer to the active calendar at the end of the post to keep up with local events.

Today was the first meeting of our new Sabbath Morning Torah study. It was a great success.  The group was enthusiastic and really dove into looking at the Torah readings with fresh eyes. We opened by reading an introduction by Rabbi David Fohrman to his Garden of Eden teachings entitled "The Lullaby Effect.
 I wanted to show the video introduction from the AlephBeta Academy web page but I did not get the internet  connection working. I will place the link below so you can view it. The introduction really set the tone for the study. Be sure to join us next week, Saturday 5 October, 09:30 at Lynnet's home. Full description with directions posted in the calendar at the end of this post.

The Lullaby Effect

The stories of Genesis are familiar to us, but their meaning often seems maddeningly elusive. Why would Hashem want to deny humanity knowledge of good and evil? Aren't we better off being able to distinguish right from wrong? What are we to make of a talking snake? And why would Hashem find the building of a tower in the Land of Babel so problematic? In this course, Rabbi Fohrman takes students on a journey of discovery into the text and Midrashei Chazal - revealing layers of meaning that are both startling and profound. Rather than seeing the early topics in Bereishis as a disjointed series of stories, Rabbi Fohrman shows how they all weave together to form a larger, majestic whole.

Below is a link to a free Torah Study listed for this week on the Aleph Beta Academy web site. 
I have already viewed it and I strongly recommend it.

Bereishit: Does Man 'Acquire' Woman?

It seems troubling that in a Jewish marriage, a man ‘acquires’ a woman – is Judaism really so archaic? In this lecture, Rabbi David Fohrman explores this question in the context of God’s creation of Eve, the first woman, and shows that true acquisition is not about control, it’s about completeness of the self.

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